Conscious Cleanse & Rejuvenate 

The Conscious Cleanse & Rejuvenate is designed to restore function and memory on the cellular level to the body/mind with an individually tailored program just for you. Bringing “consciousness to cleansing”.

I provide exceptional guidance to specifically tailoring a program that suits your mind, body, and, your lifestyle.  Whether you have limited time to cleanse and need the “New Yorker “, (a “get to the point cleanse”), or you have plenty of time to delve into a laid back relaxing “Islander Cleanse”, or somewhere in-between. Cleansing is based on your body’s needs, your abilities, and your lifestyle.

Created over 15 years ago, the Conscious Cleanse Program has evolved into an easy to use program based on Wise Earth Ayurveda - Pancha Karma cleansing and rejuvenation treatments & practices, complemented with yoga, meditation, metaphysical movements, and ancient and state of the art supplementation and cleansing agents.

During the initial consultation, you will be evaluated and we will discuss the types of treatments, determine the timing of your cleanse, and follow-up. This program is an individualized cleanse regime to fit your LIFE!!!