Somatic Movement Education enhances one’s well-being and awakens the intelligence of the body/mind through active awareness of subtle sensations and/or dynamic movements.  The consciousness that develops creates a vital presence that leads to improved physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual health.  Somatics - the lived experience in the physical body - rooted in indigenous wisdom provides a self-illuminating and empowering process.

Somatic Movement Education sessions encompass a variety of body/mind approaches including dance, movement re-patterning, bodywork, sensation tracking, and body therapies. 


“We all have a dancer within us yearning to come forth from deep within, to feel, to move in whatever direction or vibration it may be. This is an opportunity to connect to Your Self, and let your Soul move You.”

SOMA--Somatic Organic Movement Awareness-- is a guided meditative dance experience exploring the fluid systems of the body as a foundation for movement to transform and integrate the whole being--physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Initially contacting the inner rhythms of the body’s essential vital energy, systems, and structures, we expand outward through embodied movement and action to express ourselves dynamically, removing obstacles to our full expression, strengthening from the inside out, and building new neural pathways for functioning at higher energy levels.

Through attentive listening and supportive witnessing, the connections between internal sensing and external movement is explored in a variety of contexts. How perceptions influence movement and how to develop deep solid internal connections apply to relationships and all aspects of daily life.  This practice includes partnering and group work to facilitate integration.

Based on ancient systems and practices, the dynamic, fluid movements of SOMA dance-experience facilitate:

-Integrating of stillness meditative practices with everyday life

-Improving physical functioning and performance

-Reducing stress

-Improving sensory awareness

-Improving energy

-Balancing masculine and feminine energies

-Building stamina, flexibility, strength, and fluidity

-Breaking up limiting patterns and experiencing the freedom of “letting go”

-Remembering who we are and being empowered and vibrant

-Self-regulating through a co-creative process that increases function

-Finding reverence, joy, presence, peace and love for life

Experience the essence of Yoga in its fullest expression - the union of body mind spirit as it is in constant transformation and movement.

No previous dance or movement experience is necessary to participate.  A safe healing space is created to bring forth one’s presence in the body.

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