Wise Earth Ayurveda

Rasmali Wellness provides Wise Earth Ayurveda private sessions, workshops, and classes.  Ayurveda is the most ancient known system of healing and life science dating back over 7000 years.  It explores the whole being and it’s inter-relationships with the environment. Wise Earth Ayurveda is a unique and non-clinical approach to healing and prevention of illness based on Inner Medicine Healing through sadhana - the practice of consciousness in action in life. The heart of sadhana is being conscious of the moment to moment connections in life and honoring all beings. By practicing sadhana one can nourish, nurture and heal the body, mind and spirit creating inner peace and harmony. Sadhana was revived in the Wise Earth teachings to bridge these practices with that of the elements and energies of the universe and cosmos.  Founded by Mother Maya, Wise Earth education teaches living in sadhana while preserving the Mother Consciousness – honoring her river, sky, earth, wind, and space.  Wise Earth education is based in the principle of ahimsa- non-violence and harmony as one’s primary commitment in sustaining life in balance.


An  individual’s unique constitution and unique life conditions, are accessed and taken into consideration in forming an ayurvedic program. Recommendations are based on all aspects of one’s life, including: constitution, lifestyle, work, relationships, personality, diet, exercise, recreation, hobbies, interests, history, ancestral karma, etc., as well as environment and seasonal influences.

Any of the following practices may be recommended in restoring balance:

Cleansing & rejuvenation therapies, diet, herbs, massage treatments, aromatherapy, music, yoga, movement, breath, contemplative practices, redefining living space, and personal inquiry.

There is no one set formula for any individual. For example, one may be instructed the sadhana of grinding & pounding spices to awaken the sense of smell, and restore balance to the heart.  Or, a soothing walk in nature to reconnect with it’s healing vibrations that soothe the sense of sight.  All senses, and tastes are addressed in healing and reconnecting to oneself.

Rasmali Wellness specializes in Wise Earth Ayurveda:

Food, Breath, and Sound
Women’s Health & Healing
Healing Passes (Yoga) & Breath Practices
Pancha Karma Cleansing Practices - Earth Therapies

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